Eyeshot Love Affair/ Love You With My Eye

(Poem appeared in The Paulinian – Official Publication of St. Paul University-Iloilo)

Eyeshot Love Affair/Love You With My Eye

photocredit: http://raibowlolipop.blogspot.com/2010/11/waiting-is-painful.html


I looked at you not with my eyes that day,

but a soul and a heart that bloomed like May,

as you sat in a corner unaware,

I’ve drank your image in a stolen stare.

Noting all the hues, your movements, your face;

spinning all my thoughts in a wondrous haze.

Then wildly I marvel what you’re about,

my lovely vision, day in and day out.

Perhaps you saw and remember me too,

or minded the way that I looked at you.

Dreaming that someday there’d be you and me,

when stars find a way for our fates to be.

Know that I love you each time I pass by,

though I have loved you only with my eye.

Photocredit: http://www.shutterspy.net/2008_03_01_archive.html


I was quiet in a corner that day,

For in you walked with the sunshine of May.

I remember how nonchalant you were,

But my heart did hope when I saw you stare.

In your eyes I saw an hon’rable king,

Not my despis’d and ignoble being.

Yet you are a dream where I cannot dwell,

Your light is heaven, my billet is hell.

So here’s the wind to carry my kisses,

softer than my lips and my caresses.

Here’s the zephyr, too, to put you to sleep,

with dreams about us, and love songs to keep.

Whisper I love you each time you pass by,

but I can only love you with my eye.



(have you noticed that these are sonnets? 14 lines, 10 syllables each line. Shakespeare’s rhyming scheme is ABAB CDCD, mine went AABB CCDD. I love classic poetries because of their structure. )  🙂