Adulting and Dressing like a Grown Up

I used to be clad in plain shirt, a pair of jeans, and sneakers/flip flops. I never cared for how I looked or bothered about the clothes that I wear. The long and short of it is, I matured. While in Cambodia, I vowed to wear dresses everyday, which looked like they were forced me ‘coz I insisted on wearing sneakers and Doc Martens with them. Now that I’m back in my hometown (juggling grad school while teaching in a uni, social life, me time, and family responsibilities), I decided to wear high heels. Though from time to time, i still swap them with sneakers and DM’s. Will be updating soon!

  1. Pink H&M dress, blue Gap denim jacket, Mario D’boro nude pumps
  2. Forever21 sheath dress, Nike Airmax 90 in triple black
  3. Powder blue vintage dress, tweed military jacket, Mario D’boro nude pumps
  4. Powder blue vintage dress, Penshoppe military jacket, brown Hush Puppies pumps
  5. Powder blue vintage dress, tweed military jacket, white Chuck Taylor’s
  6. H&M Military shift dress, classic black 1460 Dr. Martens, red bonnet, red Superdry Jpn scuba bag

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