Me. Taking a much needed break from adulting in Siem Reap City, Cambodia

Lethargic Avalanche of Thoughts is a line lifted from Sussana Kaysen’s bestseller Girl, Interrupted (actually it’s lethargic avalanche of synthetic thoughts). Perfect title for my blog since insanity seems to ensue in my life all the freaking time. Her story happened in Belmont, Massachusetts where McLean Hospital is located.

But what the hell, right? I love my life!

In a short while that I have been performing, I’ve been a lot of people: a teenaged girl who eloped and died with her lover; an intergalactic man-hating superdominatrix; a gun-toting loony Shakespeare actress-wannabe; a caffeine-addicted writer; a very cruel school bully, and hooker charged with assault, and now… a uni prof who finds love through cupcakes.

School (I’m in grad school while teaching in a uni), books, theatre, writing, friends, blog, and pets keep me busy.

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