Blown Away by B’s

It was a wonderful Friday, like all Fridays are. With my big, red scuba bag I headed to SM City Iloilo to meet up with a very good friend, Gretchen, who was at the mall shopping for dog treats. Gretchen is a lifestyle blogger in Iloilo City, we went to the same college and have been friends ever since. Aside from her blog and work in Ateneo grad school, she’s busy raising up an enormous 10-month old Belgian Malinois named Zeus.


Weeks ago, she received an invitation to stay in B Lifestyle Complex, a new  hotel in Iloilo City, and she asked me to tag along with her. Yay!

facade of B Lifestyle Complex
…and I was christened Roxana. I think it’s sexy. Sigh. When typos bring delight.

We stayed in the Bukidnon room. Apparently, every part of this hotel has a label that starts with a b. Compared to other hotels, the rooms here are relatively smaller. But I thought the space was used efficiently, not a corner wasted: a bedroom, living room complete with flatscreen television and a speedy wifi connection, a small counter with sink beside a fridge, bathroom, and a patio reserved for pets.

We took pictures before we ruffled everything, haha!


Every corner utilized. Installed cabinets, and those white squares under the bed? They’re drawers. Pull them out, and you can put your luggage inside.
Gretchen enjoying the living room couch
The door to the patio.

That’s the aspect where B Lifestyle Complex stamps out all its competitors: it’s pet friendly. Finally, animal lovers like me can stay in hotel without leaving our furry friends somewhere else.

Your pets are safe in the patio! The owner told us a story of how a client asked if he can bring his python with him.
BBBBBeautiful day!


So the sleepover commences. At one point, we started looking for food. The thing about introverts is that we rarely attend sleepovers, and as such, none of us had thought of to bring junk food and drinkies. We had food alright, for dogs. She bought dog treats for Zeus, while I… well, one of my daily responsibilities include bringing home food scraps from the school cafeteria to feed the dog and cat strays close to my house.We burned through a myriad of topics the whole evening, and topped everything with The Phantom of the Opera, before calling it a day.


The excitement of the staycation apparently has not abated yet, as we started early the following day. We dressed up and agreed to have a breakfast then a mini photoshoot all over the hotel.

The Barn. One can’t help but love the rustic farm ambiance.
Details are spot on.
Barn girl in a vintage dress, tweed jacket, and dusty Chuck Taylor’s; waiting for her food.

The food didn’t disappoint. It was instagram worthy, and insanely delicious.

BALLYHOO: follow me on instagram!
oh boy, oh boy, oh boy 😀

After a while…

It’s just… too much for one stomach.


We had such a great time! Oh, and we greatly commend the staff. They were awesome during our stay.:D

B Lifestyle Complex is located in Diversion Road, Cuartero, Jaro, Iloilo City

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